Securities Market and Banking

ROMERO REY has taken part in some of the most important corporate operations that have taken place in Spain and Europe, such as the consecutives takeover bids on ENDESA, securitisations, such as the restructuring of the Nuclear Moratorium Security Fund, or the recent securitisation of the Electricity Tariff Deficit; share issuance; legal advice on CNMV (Financial Services Authority) and Banco de España (Spanish National Central Bank) supervising activities; or rules of conduct, in cases as the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers or at interest rate swap contracts.

Regarding this practice area, ROMERO REY is specialised in following maters:

- Rules of conduct in the Securities Market
- Investment Service Companies
- Collective Investment Institutions
- Claims before CNMV and Banco de España
- Corporate Governance
- Public Takeover Bids
- Public Offering of shares (Initial Public Offering) (Public offer for subscription)
- Market abuse, Insider Trading, Market manipulation and disruptive trading
- Disciplinary proceedings CNMV
- Regulatory Compliance
- Securitisations