Administrative Law

In the Administrative Law Field, ROMERO REY has consolidated two practice areas: Energy Law and Public Procurement.

Regarding Energy Law, ROMERO REY has taken an active part in general issues, including the regulatory modifications that have been introduced in relation to subjects such as the Nuclear Moratorium, or the regulation of the Electricity Tariff Deficit and its Securitisation.

Moreover, ROMERO REY is specialised in the special regime of energy, renewable energy, both photovoltaic and wind power. The Law Firm has provided legal advice in several projects of this nature ―not only in Spain but also in other countries―, where both the strict regulatory part and the negotiation of the sale and purchase of the project have been assumed.

Prior to initiating his private activity, Manuel A. Romero Rey hold the post of State Attorney at the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Energy Department, where, among other questions, provided legal advice in the renegotiation of the International Agreement between Spain and Portugal on Electric Energy (MIBEL), and the implementation of the Royal Decree 436/04 about the Energy Special Regulation.

The second of the specific areas within the Administrative Law Practice concerns Public Procurement, which, in past years, has become a permanent need for a lot of Clients.

The difficulty to recover the amounts owed by the administrations to the contractors, their refusal to pay the implementations out of the project and to deal with the legitimate “contract modifications ”, the enforcement of personal and “in rem” guarantees, penalties, contracts rescissions, price adjustments, among others, are some of the circumstances that Clients generally encounter and that the Law Firm handles in all their aspects, contacting the corresponding organizations both by means of the documents and the corresponding appeals, as by telephone conversations or meetings with the administration managers.

Together with the preceding two areas, ROMERO REY provides legal advice in other Administrative Law related matters, which, as for their volume, cannot be considered a specific area.

Among others, ROMERO REY activities in this practice area include the following:

- Energy Law:
          - Energy
          - Renewable
- Public Procurement
- General Administrative Law
- Legal Advice on Administrative Procedures
- Administrative appeals